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How professional painting and decorating can brighten your business

“Color is the first thing you notice and the last thing you leave with.” *


Have you ever stopped to think about the colours of your offices and workspaces?


No? Perhaps you should. Psychologists agree that colour can directly affect your employees in many different ways. And if you want your team to be even more effective, satisfied and productive, choosing the right colours can be the secret you’re looking for.


Do you want to maximise the energy and motivation of your staff? Try shades of red. A dominant colour, the eye is drawn naturally to it. Use it to inspire focus and creativity.


Blue is ideal for conference rooms and collaborative spaces. Blue sky thinking? It’s not just a phrase. You can use it to foster teamwork and boost productivity.


Need calm areas? Shades of green are likely to be the answer, helping you create anything from calm energy through to sophisticated professionalism.


Whites are perfect for making small areas appear more spacious while shades of brown will turn that big, echoing space into a much friendlier, welcoming space on a human scale that your staff will love.


And you thought paint was just paint? It’s so much more. Colour is one of your most important business partners.


Here at Paint4me we are experts at helping you get the most from colour. And we provide that advice service to you free of charge. Just one of the ways our commercial painting and decorating service adds value to your business.


Contact Paint4me now and see what the science of colour can do for you.

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